28 September 2015

American International Morphology Meeting 3 at UMass

UMass is hosting the third meeting of the American International Morphology Meeting this weekend. The meeting starts this Friday, October 2, with a tutorial from 2:30 to 5:30 on Building digital resources by Kie Zuraw and Matt Wagers. The talks start on Saturday at 9:00 and the conference ends on Sunday. UMass is represented by Hsin-Lun Huang who will be giving the paper “Argument structure and causatively in Mandarin resultatives,” Kristine Yu who will be giving the paper “Tonal marking of absolutive case in Samoan,” and Jaieun Kim who (with Inkie Chung) will be giving the poster “Locality in Suppletive Allomorphy of GIVE in Korean.” For more information, go here.

27 September 2015

SSRG tomorrow

Leland Kusmer writes:

We'll be meeting this coming Monday, the 28th of September, at 7:30. This will be our SSRG Reads LI meeting. If you haven't signed up to present an issue, there are still some unclaimed! You can sign up here:
We'll meet at the home of Katia and Rodica.
As always, please RSVP so I know how much food to get:

Wendell Kimper in Sound Workshop on Friday

Wendell Kimper will give a practice talk for his AMP talk this week in Sound Workshop, which this week meets at 1:15 Friday, Oct. 2.

Andrew Murphy in Syntax Workshop this Friday

Andrew Murphy will give a talk this Friday in Syntax Workshop, which meets in N458 at 2:15. The title of his talk is "Cumulativity and Opacity in Syntactic Derivations: Arguments for Weighted Constraints."

Workshop on Modality across Categories

Pompeu Fabra University will host the Workshop on Modality Across Categories, November 5th and 6th in Barcelona. Invited speakers include Angelika Kratzer and alumna Aynat Rubinstein (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The program also includes two talks by alumnus Andrew McKenzie: “Control Incorporation and Intensional Compounds” and (with Lydia Newkirk “Modal restrictions from complement type of ‘almost’."

You can learn more here.

SSILA hosts a special symposium in honor of Emmon Bach

Pat Shaw, past president of SSILA, writes:

Our esteemed and cherished colleague, Emmon Bach, was serving as elected President of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) at the time of his sudden passing in November 2014. In honour of his memory and of his many diverse contributions to scholarship based on his extensive work with the Native languages of North America and with Native communities engaged in language documentation, conservation, and revitalization, SSILA is hosting a special symposium at the 2016 SSILA/LSA annual meetings to be held January 7-10 in Washington, DC.

More details forthcoming in the meeting program.

Keine and Bhatt is accepted to NLLT

“Interpretive Verb Clusters,” a paper by Stefan Keine and Rajesh Bhatt, has been accepted to Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. Congratulations!

LSA Spotlight

Alumnus Kai von Fintel is the subject of the Linguistic Society of America's September Member Spotlight.

Call for papers: BLS

Joe Pater is an invited speaker to a special session on Learnability at this year’s meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. A description, and call for abstracts, follows.

The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (BLS42) will take place Friday through Sunday, February 5th-7th, 2016, on the UC Berkeley campus. BLS42 welcomes abstract submissions from all areas of descriptive and theoretical linguistics. Abstracts that make use of experimental methods in combination with formal-theoretical analysis are especially encouraged.

The period for submissions is now open. Please submit your abstracts through our EasyChair conference page by 11:59 pm PSTon November 1st, 2015.

General Session

The general session welcomes abstracts from the areas of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, historical/comparative linguistics, cognitive linguistics, and psycholinguistics.

General Session Invited Speakers:
Liina Pylkkänen, New York University
Meghan Sumner, Stanford University
Judith Tonhauser, The Ohio State University

Special Session: Learnability

The special session will focus on learnability and welcomes papers on theoretical, experimental, computational, and other approaches to the learning of grammatical systems.

Special Session Invited Speaker:
Joe Pater, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Parasession: Austronesian Linguistics

The areal parasession will focus on the languages of the Austronesian family. The session welcomes descriptive and theoretical papers from all areas that draw the majority of their data from Austronesian languages.

Parasession Invited Speaker
Joey Sabbagh, University of Texas, Arlington

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts are due by November 1st, 2015, 11:59 pm PST. Please submit all abstracts through EasyChair. Authors will be notified of acceptance by December 1st

Authors may maximally submit one single-authored abstract and one co-authored abstract. Abstracts, including titles, data, and examples, must fit onto 1 page with 1" margins and 12pt font. References may be included on a separate page. Abstracts must be anonymous; omit names or phrasing (e.g. my paper (Author 20XX)) that would otherwise reveal author identity. Surname-year citations (Author 20XX) that do not identify the author of the abstract as the author of the cited paper are acceptable.

Please fill out all required fields in EasyChair and check at least one box indicating a topic corresponding to the linguistic subfield(s) of greatest relevance to your abstract. All submissions will be anonymized for review.


Check our website for general information and updates concerning the conference. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Address correspondence concerning abstract submissions tobls_submissions@berkeley.edu. Address general correspondence to bls@berkeley.edu.

Rising Voices screens in Northampton

On October 18, the Academy of Music in Northampton will be screening a documentary on the revitalization of the Lakota language. Go here for information about the film, and a trailer, and here for information about the screening at the Academy of Music. The movie is free, but reservations are required.

UMass at Sinn und Bedeutung

The Twentieth meeting of Sinn und Bedeutung met at the University of Tubingen September 9-12. UMass alumna Junko Shimoyama was among the invited speakers, and there were many members of the UMass community in the program.

Alumnus Florian Schwarz gave a paper (with Jacopo Romoli and Cory Bill) entitles “Reluctant Acceptance of the Literal Truth — Eye Tracking in the Covered Box Paradigm."

Alumna Maribel Romero gave a paper (with Andreas Walker) entitled “counterfactual Donkeys: A Strict Conditional Analysis."

Alumna Amy Rose Deal gave the paper “Mass and count without the signature property: Yudja and Nez Perce."

Barbara Partee along with UMass alumna Irene Heim gave presentations at the workshop for Arnim von Stechow

Alumnus Marcin Morzycki gave a talk entitled “Toward a General Theory of Nonlocal Readings of Adjectives."

Alumnae Ana Arregui and Maria Biezma gave a poster entitled "Discourse Rationality and the Counterfactuality Implicatures in Backtracking Conditionals"

Alumnae Ilaria Frana and Paula Menendez Benito gave a poster entitled “The Hypothetical Future in Italian and Spanish."

Alumna Maria Nella Carminati gave a poster (with Francescas Foppolo and Panzeri) entitled “The Incremental processing of telic predicates."

Alumni Ilaria Frana and Kyle Rawlins gave a poster entitled “Italian Negation and mica in questions and assertions.” 

For more information, go here.

Amy Rose Deal sends us this picture of some of the UMass-ers in attendance. (From left to right: Maribel Romero, Kylito Rawlins, Ilaria Frana, Maria Biezma, Paula Menendez Benito and Amy Rose Deal.)

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