08 May 2011

RUMMIT meets this week

R(utgers)UM(ass)MIT, the annual area meeting of phoneticians and phonologists, meets Monday, May 16, in Rutgers. The talks this year include:

From Rutgers:

Vandana Bajaj -- Hindi Bilingual Joke Wellformedness: A Study of
Laryngeal Contrast Perceptibility

Aaron Braver -- (Im)perceptible incomplete neutralization: Two
experiments on flapping in American English

Peter Staroverov -- Sonority and the acoustics of Russian word-final
consonant clusters

from UMass:

Kevin Mullin -- The Necessity of Diacritics for Descriptive Adquacy

Claire Moore-Cantwell -- Epenthesis Typology in Harmonic Serialism

Brian Smith -- Paradigm Gaps and Spell-Out in OT and HG

From MIT

Suyeon Yun -- String-based domains of duration preservation

Coppe van Urk -- On the distribution of clashes
For more information, get in touch with John Kingston.