04 March 2012

UMass at Penn Linguistics Colloquium

The 36th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium, which will take place March 23rd-25th at the University of Pennsylvania, will host a number of papers from  recent UMass graduates, including:

Martin Walkow will present "Choosing between Persons: Articulated Probes and the Ultra-Strong PCC"

Aynat Rubinstein will present "Figuring out what we 'ought' do do"

Cherlon Ussery will present "A Taxonomy of Agreement in Icelandic: Agree vs Multiple Agree, Syntactic vs Post-Syntactic"

Maria Biezma will present "Only one at least: refining the role of context in building alternatives."

Florian Schwarz, with co-authors Dimka Atanassov and John Trueswell will present "On the processing of 'might' "

The keynote address, entitled "Morpheme Order, Constituency, and Scope" will be delivered by Paul Kiparsky.  There will also be an interdisciplinary panel session on Game Theory and Language.  For a full schedule of events, see: <http://www.ling.upenn.edu/Events/PLC/plc36/program.html>.

The preregistration deadline for the conference is Wednesday, February
29th.  To preregister, please visit the conference website at
<http://www.ling.upenn.edu/Events/PLC/plc36/> and follow the link to
the registration form.  There is an additional $10 surcharge for
registrations made after the pre-registration deadline, so be sure to
register before then.  All registration fees will be collected onsite.

For further information, please email plc36@ling.upenn.edu<mailto:plc36@ling.upenn.edu>