21 October 2012

Pasquereau talks at Linguistics Club on Wednesday

Jeremy Cahill writes:

Next Wednesday, Jérémy Pasquereau, a UMass Amherst PhD student in  
linguistics, will speak at Linguistics Club.

Speaker: Jérémy Pasquereau
Title:   "Language description & endangered/understudied languages: an  
apprentice's view from the Caucasus."
Time:    Wednesday, October 24 at 5:30 PM
Place:   301 South College
RSVP:    jccahill@student.umass.edu

Jérémy writes: "My presentation will have two main parts: one about  
linguistic diversity and obsolescence and another one about 'my  
personal experience.'"

For more on Jérémy's work: http://blogs.umass.edu/jpasquer/

All are welcome. Antonio's pizza will be provided.