14 September 2014

PRG meeting tomorrow

Ivy Hauser writes:

The first PRG meeting of this semester will be this coming Monday 9/15 at 7:30pm.  Claire has volunteered to host us at her place (132 Middle St. Unit 1 in Hadley).  Be in touch with me or Coral if you are in need of a ride.  There will be dinner provided. On the agenda is planning for the semester at PRG and planning for some computational work with Presley.   She says the following:

"Some of you attended a meeting over the summer about developing tools for OT work in Python, and we have a GitHub account ready for code. I'm going to start working on this stuff, but first we need a clear plan, so I want to do some brainstorming and idea choosing at PRG. So I have a special request - if you did go to that meeting, please revive any notes you took and help me guide the discussion! If you can't make it, just send them to me."