21 September 2014

UMass at Phonology 2014

MIT is hosting this weekend the annual Phonology meeting. UMass is well represented:

Michael Becker (UMass Alumnus, now at Stony Brook University) is presenting a tutorial on Experigen.

Robert Staubs is presenting the talk “Learning bias in stress windows: frequency and attestation" 

Claire Moore-Cantwell and Lisa Sanders are presenting the talk “Two types of implicit knowledge of probabilistic phonotactics"

Alumna Gillian Gallagher, now at NYU, is presenting a plenary talk: “Asymmetries in the representation of categorical phonotactics"

Aleksei Nazarov is presenting the talk “Reduction Domains in Dutch: recursive feet in action."

Alumna Maria Gouskova, now at NYU, is presenting the talk “Generalization as sub lexical phonotactics: A nonce study of Russian allomorphy,” with Sofya Kasyanenko.

Alumnus Shigeto Kawahara, now at Keio University, is presenting the poster “Modeling Incomplete Neutralization: Paradigm Uniformity and a Phonetics with Weighted Constraints,” with Aaron Braver. He presents a second poster with Aaron Braver and Natalie Dresher entitled “Why are lexical length contrasts binary? Evidence from emphasis-driven vowel lengthening in English."

Ivy Hauser, Megan Somerday and Coral Hoghto are presenting the poster “Faith-UO: Analyzing Opacity in Harmonic Serialism."

Alumnus Jonah Katz, now at West Virginia University, is presenting the poster “Continuity lenition."

Megan Somerday is also presenting a solo poster: “(Some) partial reduplication is full reduplication."