05 October 2014

National Linguistics Outreach Committee Co-chaired by Barbara Pearson

Barbara Pearson writes:

Joan Maling, of NSF and LSA, and I have put together a "Linguistics for Everyone" group with members from around the country who have complementary expertise in linguistic outreach activities.  Our goal is to inspire and provide practical advice to colleagues to find venues and create their own outreach activities.

Group members are

Cecile McKee, University of Arizona,

Colin Phillips, University of Maryland, and

Laura Wagner of Ohio State University

--and their colleagues and students.

We have lined up two venues for this academic year where the members of the group will disseminate their successful models to other linguists.  At third meeting, as part of  a general science conference with an established outreach component, we will bring our activities directly to the general public.

--A poster symposium at BUCLD (sessions on November 7 and 8) in Boston

--A session at the LSA (January 9) in Portland, LFE: Tools and Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers (a panel, demos, and associated poster session and "office hours")

--A booth at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Family Science Days (Feb 14 and 15) in San Jose

--"Language for Everyone," hands-on activities to engage attendees from age 5 to 95.

Student participation will be supported by an NSF grant supplement administered by the University of Maryland. Over the course of the project, we will collect materials for the LSA Resource Hub.