26 October 2014

UMass at NELS 45

The Forty Fifth annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society is being hosted by MIT Friday, Oct. 31 to Sunday, November 2. UMass is well represented by past and present students. 


alumna Amy Rose Deal is giving "Properties of probes: Evidence from Nez Perce complementizer agreement"

alumnus Andrew Weir is giving "Fragment answers in English: A PF-movement account"

Alumnus Florian Schwarz, along with Lynda Kennedy, Jacopo Romoli, Cory Bill, Stephen Crain and Rafaella Folli is giving "Scalar implicatures vs. presuppositions: The view from Broca’s aphasia"

alumna Karen Jesney is giving "Counterbled-Counterfeeding in Harmonic Grammar"


Megan Somerday is giving "(Some) partial reduplication is full reduplication"


alumnus Keir Moulton along with Nino Grillo is giving "Pseudo-relatives: Big but transparent"

alumna Ana Pérez-Leroux along with Tyler Peterson, Anny Castilla-Earls, Susan Béjar and Diane Massam is giving "Structural complexity and the acquisition of recursive locative PPs"

Jason Overfelt is giving "Cyclic Linearization and constraints on remnant movement"

Ethan Poole is giving "Deconstructing quirky subjects"

Aleksei Nazarov is giving "Non-maximal feet as reduction domains in Dutch"

Seth Cable is giving "Semantics of graded tense in complement clauses: Evidence that future is not a tense"

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