16 November 2014

CUNY abstract fest on Thursday

Shayne Sloggett writes:

On Thursday, Nov. 20,  the psycholing workshop will be having a CUNY abstract extravaganza. Abstract drafts will be read and discussed in the hopes of providing the people submitting to CUNY with some early feedback before the December 1 deadline. 
So, if you're thinking of submitting to CUNY and would like some extra eyes before you deadline, send me your abstracts by November 18. I'll put them together and distribute them so that people have chance to read them beforehand.

Alternatively, if you just can't do without those last two days, come to the workshop with your abstract and enough copies to distribute, and we'll give it a go.

Those of you who aren't submitting to CUNY are still encouraged to attend! The more eyes and input, the better!