02 November 2014

Workshop on Recursion on Wednesday

Workshop on Recursion


Wednesday November 5, 2014

N400 ILC

Everyone is invited to a small workshop on Recursion and Experimentation (with work from Dutch, Japanese, Wapachana, Spanish, English)


a) to contrast experiments in different languages and different methods

b) see if Abstract Triggers can be made experimentally clear.

1:00-1:15 Introduction and Question Agenda (bring your questions) on experimentation, bilingualism, pedagogy 100-115 

1:15-1:45 Bart Hollebrandse (University of Groningen): Recursion in NEMO! (Amsterdam Library Results)

1:45-2:15 Jon Nelson (UMass) 'L1 and L2 PP recursion--experimental ideas and observations'

2:15-2:45 Terue Nakato (Kitasato University): Multiple No's in Japanese: Is Recursion Difficult for Children?


3:15-3:45 Ana Perez   (Uniersity of Toronto) The acquisition of the varieties of recursion: Preliminary remarks  

3:45-4:15 Luiz Amaral  (UMass) Recursion in Wapachana   3:15-3:45 

4:15-4:30 Tom Roeper (UMass) Comments on talks: Connecting Theory and  Experiment. Are there Abstract Triggers for Recurison?         

4:30-5:15   General discussion: 4:15-5:15 (including Piraha Researchers on skype)  

What challenges exist for extending experimentsacross languages?Is bilingualism a special challenge for recursion?Does pedagogy follow from good experiments?

Pizza dinner at Tom’s house at 6:30. All are welcome!