25 January 2015

WCCFL Schedule

WCCFL 33 will be at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver March 27-29, and its program has just been released. UMass is well represented:

Stefan Keine presents the paper “Locality Domains in Syntax: Evidence from Processing"

Robert Staubs presents the paper “Computational modeling of non-finality effects on stress typology"

Anisa Schardl presents the poster “Two Kinds of Partial Movement: Evidence from Dholuo and German Wh-Questions."

Jon Ander Mendia presents the poster “Typicality Effects and Distributivity"

Alex Drummond (with Dave Kush) presents the poster “Decomposing the Spanish Causative Reflexive Passive"

In addition, there are many UMass alumnae talks or posters, including:

Elliot Moreton, Jennifer Smith, Amy Rose Deal, Andrew Mckenzie, Ana Arregui, Karen Jesney, and Rose-Marie Déchaine.