01 February 2015

Annual Review of Linguistics now available

A new online journal, Annual Review of Linguistics, is now available. An introduction to the journal by co-editors Mark Liberman and Barbara Partee can be found here. The table of contents for the first volume is here. A brief description of the goals of the journal follows. Online access is free through January 2016!

The goal of the Annual Review of Linguistics is to offer access to significant developments across our increasingly diverse field, including all scientific approaches to the study of speech, language, and communication, as well as significant applications of linguistics in technology, medicine, law, education, and public policy. Articles are written for an audience that is centered on the core disciplines of academic linguistics, but extends to researchers, teachers, and students in all fields that are concerned with the forms and functions of human language. If we succeed in our mission, articles should be of benefit to both specialists and nonspecialists, to experts as well as to students, to teachers of introductory courses, and to scholars in neighboring fields.