08 March 2015

Barbara and Volodja in California

Barbara writes:

Volodja and I are in California February 20-March 8. I had a meeting February 21 of the Editorial Board of Annual Review of Linguistics in Palo Alto to plan the contents of Volume 3. Reminder to linguists -- Volume 1 has been published, and all of the contents of the inaugural volume are open-access for this first year:


After that, you should be able to get access to both online version and hardcopy through your library; definitely true at UMass.

     Then on February 24, I gave a guest lecture in Sol Feferman & Ivano Caponigro’s Stanford Logic Seminar (Math 391, Phil 391), Formal Semantics of Natural Language: “Naturalizing Montague Grammar with Type-Shifting Principles”. On February 26, Volodja and I were guests of Nuance in Sunnyvale. I gave a talk there for Kathleen Dahlgren’s natural language understanding group (which now includes Ron Kaplan and Ed Stabler and a number of other linguists), “Boolean structure and cross-categorial conjunction in natural language”, and later Volodja and I commented on presentations by group members about their work.

     The halfway point of the trip was a great ride on the Coast Starlight train from San Jose to Los Angeles. In the first week of March, I'll spend some time in the Montague Archives at the UCLA library. On March 6, I’ll give an invited talk for the Syntax and Semantics Colloquium, UCLA: “Montague’s “Linguistic” Work: Motivations, Trajectory, Attitudes”. And on March 7, I’ll give the keynote address for the UCLA/USC Graduate Students Philosophy Conference: “Logic and Language: A History of Ideas and Controversies”.