01 March 2015

Tom Roeper doesn't go to Brazil, but Luiz Amaral does

Tom Roeper writes:

In unrewardingly dramatic fashion,  I managed to fail to get on a plane  because of a nosebleed, supposed to go with Luiz Amaral (UMass Spanish dept) to the first meeting  of Abralin 2015 (the Brazilian LSA) near Indian villages in Belem, deep in the Amazon,.  Then after a heroic effort (in my estimation) to get up at 5AM to deliver my talk by skype, the technology failed, but nonetheless, Luiz managed to very successfully present the powerpoint for me on “Is there a recursion trigger?  Adapting Merge, Search, Label to an Acquisition Model” where we also presented a video made by Anca Sevcenco, just visiting at UMass, of our recent experiments at the Holyoke children’s museum. 

The talk was at  a round table on recursion organized by Marcus Maia, a visitor at UMass, where he presented parsing work on recursion in Karaja.  A talk by Luiz on recursive genitives in Wapachana, another by Uli Sauerland, a UMass visitor (also interrupted by technical problems), and Suzi Lima  on her work on Numerals, were given.  This week Luiz is giving a minicourse on  pedagogical grammars, Suzi is giving a course on Experimental Semantics, but mine on adapting acquisition methods to fieldwork unfortunately won’t happen.