10 May 2015

Barbara, Katrina and Petr at mentoring workshop this July

Barbara Partee writes:

I have been invited to participate in an unusual sort of workshop outside of Moscow, July 6-11. It's a "philosophy paper development workshop" in which four Western professors will be together with 8-10 young Russian and Ukrainian philosophers who have written papers in English for which they would like some mentoring help with getting them into shape to publish in a Western journal. Everyone will be staying in a pension near the Moscow River, with intensive sessions at which the young participants present their work and the faculty and fellow participants all help critique it. For purposes of this workshop, our own Ekaterina Vostrikova and Petr Kusliy are presenting themselves as young philosophers of language (that's also true!) and have applied, and I think it is very likely that they will be accepted. So this is going to be fun!