20 September 2015

LSA's Program is published

The Ninetieth meeting of the Linguistic Society of America takes place Jan. 7-10 in Washington D.C. and their conference schedule has recently been posted. You can find information about the conference, as well as information about accommodations and registration, here. UMass is well represented:

Alumna Gillian Gallagher presents “Rapid phonotactic generalization: Behavioral evidence and a Bayesian model” with Tal LInzen and Timothy O’Donnell.

Meghan Armstrong presents  "Epistemic stress shift in American English" with Scott Schwenter.

Barbara Pearson and Tom Roeper presents “Linguistic and Pragmatic Ambiguity of Quantified Expressions in Mathematics Word Problems"

Robert Staubs, Coral Hughto and Joe Pater present “Grammar and learning in syntactic and phonological typology” with Jennifer Culbertson.

Alumnus Jonah Katz presents “Cue integration and fricative perception in Seoul Korean” with Sarah Lee.

Alumna Cherlon Ussery presents “The Typology of Mandarin Infinitives” with Lydia Ding and Rebecca Liu

Nick LaCara presents “Verb phrase movement as a window into head movement"

Alumnus Jeff Runner presents “Locality effects in long-distance reflexive retrieval: the case of Mandarin Chinese ziji” with Yuhang Xu.

Stefan Keine presents “Positions versus items in the syntax of superraising” 

Joe Pater, Lisa Sanders, Robert Staubs, Benjamin Zobel and alumna Claire Moore-Cantwell present “Phonological learning in the laboratory: ERP evidence"

Aleksei Nazarov presents “Ambiguity of analysis: Learning Dutch stress with input inference"

Robert Staubs presents “Learning morpheme segmentation with distributions over underlying representations"

Thuy Bui presents “Menominee Agreement: Two probes for Two Hierarchies"

Alumnus Florian Schwarz presents “Local Accommodation and Presupposition Trigger Class: Results from the Covered Box Task” with Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin and “Entailed Presupposiitons: Experimental Evidence for a Distinction Between Triggers” with Jeremy Zehr and “Two Types of Definites in American Sign Language” with Ava Irani.

Ivy Hauser presents “VOT variation and perceptual distinction"

Tom Ernst presents “The Semantics of Domain Adverbs” with Timothy Grinsell

Alumna Maria Gouskova presents “Sublexical phonotactics of English -er suffixes” with Suzy Ahn

Alumna Jennifer Smith presents “Segmental noun/verb phonotactic differences are productive too"