08 November 2015

Barbara Partee on the road!

Barbara Partee writes:

On Wednesday, November 4, I was in Wrocław, Poland as an invited speaker in a surprise event honoring Bożena Rozwadowska on her 60th birthday: “Bożena’s Birthday: A Special Linguistic Workshop”. Bożena was our Ph.D. student here 1984-87, and she would have completed her Ph.D. here (on thematic roles in Polish nominalizations, especially nominalizations of psych-verbs and other verbs with interesting argument structure) if she had been able to get a fourth year of leave of absence from her teaching obligations at the University of Wrocław. I still consider her one of my Ph.D. students even though she had to complete her Ph.D. in Poland instead. I gave an invited  talk: “Polish influences in the History of Formal Semantics”. The next day I flew home, and on Nov 6 and 7 was at the Hornucopia workshop in honor of her UCLA Ph.D. Larry Horn at Yale, as reported in the last WHISC, where we couldn’t report Bożena’s event for fear of spoiling the top-secret surprise, which was indeed a real surprise.