22 November 2015

Psycholinguistics job in Genoa

Project: EXPRESS – Experimenting on Presuppositions
Place: Genoa (Italy)
Department: DISFOR – Department of Educational Sciences, Psychology Unit
Principal Investigator: Dr. Filippo Domaneschi
E-mail: filippo.domaneschi@unige.it
Phone: +39 010 20953710

N. 1 –  2-years contract (1 year contract renewable 1 year).

Title: Psycholinguistic analysis of the cognitive processes involved in processing presuppositions

Short Title: Presuppositions and Cognitive Processes

Description: Applications are now being accepted for a 2-years (1+1) full-time research position in psycholinguistics with specialization in experimental semantics/pragmatics.

The successful candidate will become member of the DISFOR – Department of Educational Sciences – Psychology Unit, University of Genoa (Italy) and will join Dr. Filippo Domaneschi’s SIR project “EXPRESS – Experimenting on Presuppositions” financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research. The project investigates by psycholinguistic experimental methods the cognitive processes involved in processing presuppositions with a particular focus on the cognitive load required to process the information communicated as taken for granted.

This position is 100% research and involves no teaching obligations. Responsibilities of the researcher will include: lab activities, contributing original research avenues, and presenting and publishing results. 
The planned start date is the beginning of February, and the project will run for 2 years (1 year renewable 1 year).

Required skills: 
(i)Solid training in linguistic semantics and pragmatics.(ii)Experience in psycholinguistic experimental work.(iii)Programming skills with Lab software (e.g. E-Prime, Presentation, Psychopy).(iv)Statistical skills (e.g. SPSS, R).

For Italian candidates – further details about the submission can be found at:

For foreign candidates – info about the submission procedure will be provided directly by Dr. Filippo Domaneschi at: filippo.domaneschi@unige.it

Deadline: 17.12.2015
Info: filippo.domaneschi@unige.it