13 December 2015

Hannah Green goes to Washington State University

Barbara Partee writes:

Hannah Greene was in our Ph.D. program from 2011 to 2014, with her main interests in semantics and fieldwork. She had always also loved animals, and while she was our student she did a lot of horse dressage (while helping to care for horses at that stable). In the spring of 2014 she was hard at work on a research paper when she “felt a pull to be elsewhere: a large animal parasitology workshop hosted by my vet.” And from there she realized that what she really wanted to be was a large animal vet - that that was a career that would combine intellectual stimulation with her love of animals. So during the 2014-2015 academic year she embarked on an intensive program in "pre-vet" courses here at UMass, which she just completed, and this fall she applied to a number of veterinary programs. I was one of her letter writers, and I just got the happy news that she was offered a place in Washington State University’s DVM program, a program she was really impressed with when she visited. Hannah will still be here in the area until July. I suggest having a party for Hannah sometime in the spring to give us all a chance to say farewell and best wishes, and to reaffirm that she’s part of our department ‘family’ whatever she does next. And I invite WHISC readers to help share news about other “alumni-lites” (feel free to suggest a better term!) -- and if you’re reading this and are one yourself, send in news!

Here’s a very recent selfie that Hannah took with a friendly cow.