31 January 2016

Events in Language and Cognition

Registration is now open for the Events in Language & Cognition workshop taking place March 2nd, right before (and a few blocks away from) the CUNY Sentence Processing meeting (March 3-5).
The workshop will take place from 8:30am-6pm, and is located at the Hilton Garden Inn in Gainseville, FL, a *different* but close by Hilton from the one that CUNY is taking place in.
A description of the workshop and a list of speakers is given below, and details about the workshop can be found at our website.
We hope you will be able to join us!
- Melissa Kline, Eva Wittenberg, & Josh Hartshorne
Workshop Description:
Understanding how speakers wrap event conceptualizations into linguistic descriptions is crucial for both linguistic theory and psychology. A number of rich linguistic theories have been proposed to account for the observed ways  in how meaning maps to syntax within and across languages, but their psychological status remains unclear. These theories often propose specific representational architecture, ranging from prototype theories to predicate decomposition. How are these conceptual models and mappings grounded in non-linguistic cognition? On the side of cognitive science, our understanding of event representation, especially in infancy, has advanced dramatically in the past several decades, potentially opening up new possibilities for evaluating the plausibility of proposed argument structure theories. What can the understanding of event perception and cognition teach us about the nature of semantic representations for language, and how can psycholinguistic evidence contribute to research on event structure? 
In this workshop, we want to both foster an exchange of recent work, and set a possible agenda for psycholinguistic research on event structure as conveyed by language.
Invited speakers/discussants

Elsi Kaiser (USC)
Jesse Snedeker (Harvard)
Elliot Saltzmann (Haskins Laboratories)
Jeremy Skipper (UCL)