21 February 2016

DGfS in Konstanz February 24-26

The 38th annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Sprachwissenschaft will be held at Konstanz University this weekend. UMass is out in force:

Alumnus Kenneth Drozd is giving an invited talk “Cumulative universal quantification."

Tom Roeper, with Rebecca Woods, will be presenting the paper “Separating Tense and Assertion: Evidence from Embedded V2 and Child Language” and, with Jill de Villiers will be presenting the paper “How representations determine stages of acquisition.” and with Jennifer Rau, will present the paper “Children fail to repair presuppositions.

Magda Oiry will present the paper “How children deal with a contextually canceled presupposition."

Alumna Elena Benedicto will also be presenting the paper “Classifiers as agreement…or not?" 

Alumnus Florian Schwarz, with Cory Bill, Jeremy Zehr, Lyn Tieu and Jacopo Romoli, will present the paper “On the acquisition of presupposition projection."

You can learn more here.