14 February 2016

Masters in Computational Linguistics at Rochester University

The Computational Linguistics MS program at Rochester trains students to be conversant both in the analysis of language and in computational techniques applied to natural language. The curriculum consists of courses in Linguistics and Computer Science for a total of 32 credit hours.

Graduates from the Computational Linguistics MS program will be prepared for both further training at the PhD level in Computer Science and Linguistics and Computational Linguistics positions in industry. A growing number companies such as Google, Amazon.com, Nuance, LexisNexis, Oracle and many others are searching for employees with advanced degrees in Computational Linguistics for positions ranging from speech recognition technology to improving translation systems to developing bettermodels of language understanding. 

For fullest consideration, applicants should submit completed applications by March 1, though applications will continue to be considered as space permits. All documents and application materials should be uploaded in the online application (https://apply.grad.rochester.edu/apply/). Fees for applications received by February 15 waived (more information: https://apply.grad.rochester.edu/register/ASEwaiver). 

Direct questions to jeffrey.runner@rochester.edu

For more information about the program, go here.