13 March 2016

SALT 26 program announced

The University of Texas at Austin, who is hosting the Twenty-Sixth meeting of Semantics and Linguistics Theory in early May, has just released the program and UMass is well-represented:

Alumnus Florian Schwarz, with Jérémy Zehr, Cory Bill, Lyn Tieu and Jacopo Romoli will present the paper “Presupposition projection from the scope of `none’: universal, existential, or both?"

Alumnus Chris Davis who, with Eric McCready, will present the paper “Expressives and Alternatives"

Alumnus Luis Alonso-Ovalle is presenting the paper “Are All Concessive Scalar Particles the Same? Probing into Spanish “Siquiera."

Jon Ander Mendia will present the paper “Reasoning with Partial Orders."

Alumna Suzi Lima will present the paper “On object denoting nouns: defining atoms"

Alumnus Kyle Rawlins, with Aaron Steven White, will present the paper “A computational model of S-selection” and, with Justin Bledin, the paper “Epistemic resistance moves."

For more information, go here.