05 September 2011

Department Picnic this Saturday

The annual department picnic kicks off at 3:30pm this Saturday, September 10, at Barbara and Volodja's house in Amherst. Their house is at 50 Hobart Lane, a small street off North Pleasant just a short distance north of UMass and opposite Puffton Village. Their house is big white thing on the left, near the end of this short street.

This potluck marks the unofficial start of the social life of the linguistics community and provides a venue for showing off your summer recipes. It is usual for the menu to be organized at the Town Meeting on Friday.

Barbara writes:

There is no parking permitted on most of Hobart Lane.
Parking is possible in our driveway, and parking is possible in the
daylight hours on the opposite side of the street between our house and
where Hobart Lane turns into a dirt road, but for safety, put a note
under your windshield wiper that tells the police your name and that you
are now at 50 Hobart Lane and asking them please to let us know if there
is a problem. (The parking restrictions help us combat the problems of
large beer parties in the neighboring apartment complexes on Hobart
Lane, so we like to stay friends with the police! We'll let them know
about the party, but they won't be able to grant a parking waiver for a
September Saturday. But they are usually willing to come and let us know
when cars need to be moved, rather than just towing them away.)    

But don't be daunted by any of that -- somebody can always help you
figure out where to park. Do come, rain or shine!

The free bus service has a bus stop very near Hobart Lane -- it's the
"Crestview/ Presidential Apartments" stop, near Puffton Village and
North Village and Crestview apartments.