05 September 2011

UMass Funny Languages Breakfast

Seth Cable writes:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the first meeting of  
UMAFLAB (UMass Funny Languages Breakfast) will be held this Friday  
morning at 9AM in the Partee Lounge (Room 301).

What is UMAFLAB? Well, the purpose of UMAFLAB is to bring together  
individuals with a shared interest in puzzling linguistic data,  
optimally from understudied or minority languages.

*Presentations are always informal*.  We are *not* looking for  
polished work or practice talks (though those are welcome).  Rather,  
participants are free to present any puzzles they like.  They needn't  
have any analysis in mind; indeed, part of the fun of the group is  
hearing other people's thoughts on some difficult problem.

Thus, if all you have is an interesting pattern worth 'boggling at',  
that's perfect for our group (particularly if it's from an otherwise  
not-very-much-talked-about language or variety). For example, a run  
down of all the crazy data obtained during some recent field work (or  
experimental work, or whatever) would be quite ideal.

As the name suggests, our meetings are typically in the morning, with  
some breakfast item served.  However, the schedule is always flexible,  
if it turns out that most people can't make it Friday mornings.

So, if you'd at all be interested in joining us, we'll be having our  
first meeting Friday morning. This will be an organizational meeting,  
where we'll discuss the times/dates of meetings, who will present on  
what, etc.

If you think you'd like to drop by, please just send me a quick reply