07 September 2014

BU Language Acquisition Conference program

The program for the 39th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development has been released. The conference meets from November 7-9. The  keynote speaker is Richard Aslin (University of Rochester) who will deliver the talk “From sounds to words to grammatical categories: The role of distributional learning,” The Plenary Speaker is Katherine Demuth (Macquarie University) whose talk is “Prosodic effects on the emergence of grammatical morphemes: Evidence from perception and production.” Our own Barbara Pearson has, with Joan Maling, organized the poster symposium “Linguistics for Everyone: Engaging a broader public for the scientific study of language acquisition.”

Pre-registration starts on September 1 and closes on October 28. For more information about registering, go here.

The UMass linguistic community is represented by the following posters:

A. Aravind and Jill de Villiers: “Implicit alternatives insufficient for children’s SIs with some"

Valentina Brunetto and Tom Roeper: “Are rare constructions late in acquisition? The case of near-reflexivity"

Alumna Suzi Lima, with P. Li and J. Snedeker: “Acquiring the denotation of object-denoting nouns in a language without partitives."

Jill de Vliiers, with A. Pace, P. Yust, A Iglesias, M. Wilson, K Hirsh-Pasek, R. Golinkoff, A Takehesu Tabori, K. Strother-Garcia, K Ridge: “Examining the Validity of a Compuater-based Language Assessment for Preschool Children."

Alumna Anne-Michelle Tessier, with S. Shittu: “Perceptual attrition of lexical tone among L1 Yoruba-speaking children in Canada."

Michael Clauss: “The Syntax and Semantics of Free Relative Clauses in Child English."

Alumni Angeliek Van Hout and Bart Hallebrandse, with C Lindenbergh: “The acquisition of sentence ellipsis in Dutch preschoolers."

Alumnus Terue Nakato: “Gender Information of Possessive Pronouns: How does it work in Child English?"

Alumna Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux, with A. Catilla-Earls, T Peterson, D. Massam and S. Behar: “Children’s acquisition of complex modification."

Alumna Angeliek Van Hout, with I Strangmann, and A. Slomp: “Context and the acquisition of Dutch eh-questions: The effect of topicality and thematic roles."

Barbara Pearson: “Linguistic and pragmatic ambiguity in quantified expressions: Implications for mathematics teaching and test of monolingual and bilingual students."

The complete schedule can be found here.