07 September 2014

S Reading Group

Leland Kusmer writes:

It's time to kick off this year's Syntax/Semantics Reading Group (SRG)! (Or maybe that should be SSRG?)

SRG is an informal meeting of S-siders to talk about the field, practice presentations, talk over preliminary projects, and more. We usually meet about every other week and rotate between hosts in Northampton. The GLSA generously provides dinner.

I'd like to have our first meeting next week, and then roughly every other week after that. I've set up a Doodle poll to figure out what nights of the week might work on an on-going basis.


Also, I'm looking to establish a roster of potential hosts for SRG. If you're interested in hosting even once this semester, please let me know. Hosts get to pick the food for the evening!