07 September 2015

AMP 2015 Program announced

The program for the 2015 Annual Meetings on Phonology has been announced, and features talks and posters by the following UMassers:

Alumna Claire Moore-Cantwell gives a talk entitled “The phonological grammar is probabilistic: new evidence pitting abstract representation against analogy."

Alumna Gilian Gallagher gives a talk entitled “Vowel height and dorsals: allophonic differences cue contrasts"

Faculty Gaja Jarosz gives a talk entitled “Learning opaque and transparent interactions in Harmonic Serialism."

Alumnus Wendell Kimper gives the talk “Asymmetrical generalisation of harmony triggers” (Wendell has been at the University of Manchester for the past three years, explaining his quaint orthography.)

Alumna Karen Jesney will give the poster “On the relationship between learning sequence and rate of acquisition"

Alumna Presley Pizzo, with faculty Joe Pater, will give the poster “Learning alternations affect phonotactic judgments"

Alumna Suzanne Urbanczyk will give a tutorial on fieldwork on indigenous languages.

The conference meets October 9-11 at UBC in Vancouver. You can learn more here.