07 September 2015

Program for GALA 2015 is posted

The Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes is hosting the twelfth meeting of the Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition this weekend: September 10-12. UMass is represented by:

Alumna Suzi Lima, who with Peggy Lis and Jesse Snedeker, is presenting the paper “Acquiring the denotation of object-denoting nouns"

Alumnus Bart Hollebrandse, who with Natasa Knezevic and Hamida Demirdache, is presenting “Vowel epenthesis in children’s oral and written productions of consonant clusters."

Michael Clauss is presenting “Free relatives in acquisition: Mislabeling or Generalized Move-Wh rule?

Tom Roeper and Barbara Pearson, who with Anca Sevcenco, is presenting the poster “The acquisition of recursive locative PPs and relative clauses in child English."

Bart Hollebradse, who with Marleen Kremer and Angeliek van Hout, is presenting the poster “Asymmetries in Dutch children’s development of definiteness."

You can learn more here.