11 October 2015

UMass at NELS

The Forty-Sixth meeting of the North East Linguistic Society is this weekend, Oct. 16-18 at Concordia University in Montreal. Our own Rajesh Bhatt is one of the invited speakers. He will be presenting joint work with Vincent Homer in a paper entitled “PPIs and Movement in Hindi-Urdu.” UMass is well represented in the rest of the program, which can be found here, as well.

Alumnus Jason Overfelt is presenting the paper “When Variable Re-binding Bleeds ACD"

Seth Cable is presenting “The Special Implicatures of Optional Past Tense: The Tlingit Decessive and ‘Discontinuous Past'

Alumna Maribel Romero is presenting “POS and the relative proportional reading of ‘many’ "

Jon Ander Mendia is presenting “Focusing on scales: Superlatives as scalar modifiers"

Alumni Maria Biezma and Kyle Rawlins present “Or what?: Challenging the speaker"

Visitor Andrew Murphy is presenting, with Sampson Korsah, “Tonal reflexes of successive-cyclic movement in Asante Twi"

Alumnus Keir Moulton, with Nino Grillo, has the poster “Event Kinds and Pseudo Relatives"

Stefan Keine and Ethan Poole have the poster “Semantic vs. syntactic intervention in ‘tough’-constructions."

Alumni Paula Menendez Benito and Luis Alonso-Ovalle have the poster “Modal Selectivity in the Nominal Domain: Spanish “Uno Cualquiera"

Jérémy Pasquereau has the poster “Overt movement of comparative quantifiers in European French"

Alumnus Bernhard Schwarz, with Alexandra Simonenko, have the poster “Two accounts of factive islands"

Alumnus Florian Schwarz, with Jeremy Zehr, have the poster “Experimental Evidence for Entailed vs non-Entailed Presuppositions"