26 April 2015

GLOW 2015

The annual meeting of Generative Linguistics of the Old World met in Paris Wednesday through Saturday of last week, and UMass was represented by:

UMass alumnus Winnie Lechner, with coauthors Giorgos Spathas, Artemis Alexiadou and Elena Anagnostopoulou, presented their paper “On deriving the typology of repetition and restitution."

UMass students Stefan Keine and Ethan Poole presented their paper “Intervention in tough-constructions."

UMass alumnus Keir Moulton, with Nino Grillo, presented their paper “Mismatching Pseudo-Relatives Describe Event Kinds."

UMass citizens Coral Hughto, Joe Pater and Robert Staubs presented their paper “Grammatical agent-based modeling of typology."

UMass prospective faculty Gaja Jarosz presented her paper “Phonotactic probability and sonority sequencing in Polish initial clusters."

Tom Ernst was also in attendance at the States/Events Workshop on the last day of the conference. You can learn more here.