26 April 2015

UConn Workshop for Irene Heim

The UConn Logic group has its annual workshop on May 2-3. Each year their workshop is dedicated to the work of a single person, and this year they're honoring Irene Heim. The workshop is announced here: http://logic.uconn.edu/workshop/

Saturday, May 2

9-10:30 Barbara PARTEE (UMass) Irene Heim in the History of Formal Semantics (Invited) 

10:30-11:35 Lucas CHAMPOLLION (NYU) The weak/strong ambiguity in donkey sentences cannot be explained away. 

11:50-1:20 Thomas Ede ZIMMERMANN (Frankfurt) Type-shifting and the proportion problem (Invited) 

2:30 - 3:35 Paul DEKKER (Amsterdam) Indexical Inference 

3:35 - 4:40 Matthew MANDELKERN (MIT) Taking things for granted (Graduate Student Prize) 

4:55 - 6:25 Hans KAMP (Stuttgart/Texas) Presuppositions after 1983 (Invited) 

Sunday, May 3

9 - 10:30  David BEAVER (Texas) “The X” files (Invited) 

10:30 - 12  Simon CHARLOW (Rutgers) The scope of alternatives (Invited) 

12:15 - 1:45 Irene HEIM (MIT) Keynote