28 September 2014

Call for Papers: Workshop on (Co)Distributivity

Workshop on (Co-)Distributivity 2015 

26-27 February 2015

CNRS Pouchet, Salle de conférences

59 rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris

Workshop organised by the project (Co-)distributivity of the Fédération Typologie et universaux du langage (CNRS FR 2559)

Invited speakers :
Donka Farkas (UC Santa Cruz)

Viola Schmitt (Wien)

We encourage submissions exploring the linguistic means used to establish distributive dependencies, including, but not limited to, questions like the following :

- the syntax and semantics of markers of distributive keys (e.g. distributive quantifiers) or distributive shares (e.g. Hungarian reduplicated numerals)

- multiplication effects for indefinite singulars (e.g. He eats a sandwich for breakfast.)

- distribution effects for plurals (e.g. dependent plurals : Here professors wear ties.)

- distribution effects over times (e.g. A lot of people have been dying of this disease lately).       

We welcome work on formal syntax and semantics on distributive dependencies (distributivity and co-distributivity) in spoken and sign languages.

We invite submissions for 25-minute presentations (plus ten-minute discussions).

Abstracts should be at most 2 pages in length (including examples and references) written in French or English.

Abstracts must be anonymous and should be sent by e-mail (plain ASCII, rtf, ps or pdf) to: codistr@pouchet.cnrs.fr 

Abstract Submission Deadline : 7 Dec 2014

Please write the (first) author’s name plus the word ’abstract’ in the subject line of your message (e.g., ’Dupont abstract’), and include

- author name(s),

- affiliation, 

- contact information and 

- the title of the abstract in the body of the email. 

For co-authored papers indicate the email address that we should use for correspondence.

For more information: 

Website : http://www.umr7023.cnrs.fr/Journee-Co-Distributivite-2015.html

E-mail : codistr@pouchet.cnrs.fr

Abstract Submission Deadline : 7 Dec 2014 

Notification of Acceptance : 20 Dec 2014 

Workshop : Thur 26 - Fri 27 February 2015