28 September 2014

NELS 45 program is out

MIT will host the forty-fifth meeting of the North East Linguistic Society October 31-November 2. The program for the conference is now available here. UMass is well represented:

Alumna Amy Rose Deal, now at UC, Santa Cruz, will give the paper “Properties of probes: Evidence from New Perce complementizer agreement."

Alumnus Shigeto Kawahara, with Aaron Braver, is giving the poster “Modeling incomplete neutralization: Paradigm Uniformity and a phonetics with weighted constraints."

Jason Overfelt is giving the poster “Cyclic Linearization and constraints on remnant movement."

Aleksei Nazarov is giving the poster “Non-maximal feet as reduction domains in Dutch."

Ethan Poole is giving the poster “Deconstructing quirky subjects."

Anisa Schardl is giving the poster “Partial movement in eh-questions: An analysis involving Q"

Andrew Weir presents the paper “Fragment answers in English: A PF-movement account."

Alumnus Florian Schwarz, with many colleagues, presents the paper “Scalar implicatures vs. presuppositions: The view from Broca’s aphasia"

Seth Cable presents the poster “Semantics of graded tense in complement clauses: Evidence that future is not a tense."

Alumnus Keir Moulton, with Nino Grillo, presents the poster “Pseudo-relatives: Big but transparent."

Megan Somerday is presenting the paper “(Some) partial reduplication is full reduplication."

Alumna Karen Jesney is presenting the paper “Counterbled-Counterfeeding in Harmonic Grammar."