09 December 2012

Jelena Krivokapic speaks on Tuesday

Kristine Yu writes:

I'm excited to announce an invited talk by Jelena Krivokapic (Yale) on Tuesday, December 11, at 2pm in Machmer E37. The talk is on prosody and is designed to be suitable for general audiences. Please also let me know if you'd like to meet with Jelena on Tuesday and if so, when you are free.

Prosodic structure and its broader cognitive context
Jelena Krivokapić
Yale University
Prosody refers to the level of linguistic structure above the segmental level, such as phrasal organization, rhythmic structure, and prominence. In this talk I examine the temporal and structural properties of phrasal organization and rhythmic structure as reflected in speech production and perception, as well as in the broader cognitive context of language use. I will present a series of experimental studies examining a) the effect of prosodic structure on pause duration in utterances, b) the extent of boundary effects as shown in the articulation of gestures near phrase junctures, c) categoricity and gradiency in the perception of prosodic boundaries, d) recursion in prosodic structure, and e) prosodic convergence. The results inform our understanding of the linguistic representation of prosodic structure and its relation to processes involved in producing spoken language.

Call for Papers: McGill Conference of Linguistics Undergraduates

The McGill Linguistics Undergraduate club writes:

You are invited on behalf of the Society of Linguistics Undergraduates at McGill to the 7th annual McGill Canadian Conference of Linguistics Undergraduates (McCCLU). This year, the conference will take place the weekend of March 8th, 2013 at McGill University. We are now accepting abstract submissions to present at the conference on any subject matter within the domain of linguistics. Each abstract should detail material for a 20 minute presentation, with a 10 minute question period. Abstracts should be a maximum of page in length (12 point font, 1 inch margins) and submitted online to http://linguistlist.org/easyabs/mccclu2013 by January 15, 2013.

For further information, please visit our blog at: mcclu2013.blogspot.com. Should you have questions, please email us at mcclu2013@gmail.com

Brian Dillon spoke at the Ling Club

Brian Dillon gave a talk "Agreement Attraction in Production" to the Linguistics Club last Wednesday, December 5.