31 May 2014

Tone Workshop this week

The Tone Workshop will be this Monday and Tuesday in the Life Sciences Laboratories N610. The program follows.


9:30-10:30    Breakfast + coffee

10:30-11:30   Mark Liberman: Tone without pitch

11:30-12:30   Jianjing Kuang: The covariation between pitch and phonation: the case of creaky voice in Mandarin tones

12:30-1:00    Discussion

1:00-2:00     Lunch (served)

2:00-3:00     John Kingston: Tone in Chinantec

3:00-4:00     Christian DiCanio: Moraic alignment of Mixtec tone: exploring complex timing relations in Oto-Manguean tonal systems

4:00-5:00     Discussion

Workshop dinner at Kristine Yu’s house.


9:30-10  Breakfast + coffee

10-11    Bert Remijsen: Further evidence for contrastive alignment in falling contours

11-12    Kristine Yu on Bole; Scott Myers reaction from African perspective

12-12:30 Discussion

12:30-2  Lunch (served)

2-3      James Kirby: Tonogenesis in Khmer

3-4      Yi Xu: Toward parametric representation of tone: Articulatorydynamics and computational modeling

4-5      Discussion

Emmonfest in June!

Joyce McDonough, Gert Webelhuth and Jim Blevins have organized an Emmonfest at the Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main for Emmon Bach. It’ll take place on June 20 and 21.

Cognitive Science Initiative meetings

Joe Pater writes:

Following the success of our "Grad student mixer", we've decided to go with a relatively informal organization for the Cognitive Science Initiative, at least for the summer (that is, we won't try to form an official steering committee yet). 

We'll have two meetings at which all interested faculty and graduate students will be welcome. We'll discuss the activities of our proto-Institute for the upcoming academic year (creation of new website, workshop(s), launch of scholars program...).

Here are the times for your calendar - like the mixer, the meetings will be at the Amherst Brewing Company. We'll likely have a full group roundtable starting shortly after 3, and try to leave some time for smaller group discussions afterwards.

Meeting 1: June 11th 3-5
Meeting 2: July 16th 3-5 

Faculty interested in getting on the mailing list should fill out this google form

And graduate students should use this one.