30 December 2013

One year position at Boston University

Carol Neidle writes:

What we got for Christmas was approval to advertise for a  1-year replacement position (VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR)  in SYNTAX for AY 2014-15. We'll advertise in the usual places,  but please help spread the word, especially to prospective  candidates who plan to attend the LSA meetings in January. Go here for details.

University of Rochester's linguistics and cognitive sciences program

Jeff Runner writes:

The department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences and the department of Linguistics at the University of Rochester invite applications from students interested in pursuing a joint PhD in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Linguistics. The department of Linguistics (http://www.ling.rochester.edu/) combines strengths in formal linguistics--syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics and phonology--with experimental and empirical methodologies. The department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences combines strengths in language research--language processing, language acquisition, brain and language--with vision, and neuroscience, which includes computational neuroscience, learning and plasticity. The language researchers in these departments--along with those in Computer Science--constitute Rochester's Center for Language Sciences. This year we are particularly interested in applicants who want to investigate the formal syntactic and semantic properties of language structure using experimental and empirical techniques. Students interested in the joint Brain & Cognitive Sciences/Linguistics PhD program should apply through the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department as soon as possible, and no later January 15, 2014. Please mention in your application your interest in pursuing the joint degree with Linguistics. For further information contact Jeff Runner (jeffrey.runner@rochester.edu).

Call for papers: SPE 7

The 7th Colloquium Semantics and Philosophy in Europe – SPE 7 – will be hosted by the Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS) in Berlin in cooperation with the Institut für Philosophie and the Institut für deutsche Sprache und Linguistik at Humboldt University Berlin

Place: Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin
Date: June 26-28 , 2014 (conference), June 25, 2014 (tutorials)
Web: www.zas.gwz-berlin.de/fileadmin/spe7

We invite submissions for the general session and the special sessions for 45 minute presentations (incl. discussion) or posters Please visit the SPE7 web pages for details.

The submission deadline is 1. February 2014. We expect to make notifications of acceptance in the beginning of March.