06 March 2016

UMass hosts FASAL 6 this weekend

The Sixth meeting of Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages will meet March 12-13 at UMass. The talks are all held in ILC N400 and there is no registration fee. Everyone is welcome.

UMass is represented by:

Sakshi Bhatia and Ethan Poole who are giving the talk “Deriving subject and anti-subject orientation"

Alumna Amalia Gnanadesikan who will be presenting the poster “Coda-Onset Asymmetries in Dhivehi"


UMass visitor Konstantin Sachs who will be presenting the paper “A Movement Approach for Multi-Head Correlatives — Evidence from NPIs and Islands”

For more information, go here.

Tracy Conner in LARC on Wednesday

Tracy Conner will present her work in LARC on Wednesday, March 9, at 12:15 in ILC N458.

Daniel Altshuler at Semantics Seminar Journal Club

Angelika Kratzer writes:

Daniel Altshuler from Hampshire College will join the Semantics Seminar Journal Club this coming Wednesday (March 9) to facilitate discussion of the paper “On double access, cessation, and parentheticality”, which he co-authored with Valentine Hacquard, Thomas Roberts, and Aaron White. Everyone is welcome - you don’t have to be in the seminar, and you don’t have to be in the Journal Club. The Journal Club meets every Wednesday in N400 at 4:15 PM. You can download the paper here:


Daniel will give a short presentation of the paper, but since it’s a Journal Club, the discussion will assume that everyone has looked at the paper in one way or other. 


Kristen Syrett writes:

The North American Summer School for Logic, Language and Information 2016 is being hosted by Rutgers this July.  More information is available on the NASSLLI 2016 website, which we continue to update. The local organizing committee would like to spread the word that early bird registration is now in effect, until April 15. In addition, we are pleased to advertise information about the student scholarships and presentations during the student session. Please encourage your students to apply for either/both, and to attend NASSLLI. We have a great lineup of classes and instructors!

WHISC notes that those great instructors include Hampshire College faculty Daniel Altshuler and UMass alumni Kyle Rawlins and Craige Roberts.

Study Linguistics in St. Petersburg this summer

John Bailyn writes:

Study with world-class Linguists and Psychologists through the Linguistics Intensive track of Stony Brook’s “Explore St. Petersburg!” Study Abroad Program, which will be held this summer for the 14th year IN ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA. The dates are JULY 9 – AUGUST 7, 2016. More information can be found here: http://advancedrussian.org/

• Earn 3-6 credits
• Study together with students from other countries
• Research internships available
• No knowledge of Russian  required (all seminars in English)
• Mini-fellowships of $500 and $1000 available


*Late applications possible (until April 1) if space remains*

For information about how to apply, go here.

 NYI's lineup of Linguistics and Cognitive Psychology faculty for summer 2016 includes:

John F. Bailyn (Stony Brook) Musical Cognition, Syntax

MILOJE DESPIC (UConn) Syntax, Morphology

SABINE IATRIDOU (MIT) Syntax, Semantics

MARC VAN OOSTENDORP (Leiden) Phonology


MARIA POLINSKY (UMD) Experimental Syntax, Universals

IRINA SEKERINA (CUNY) Psycholinguistics,Cognitive Psychology

SERGEI TATEVOSOV (Moscow State) Formal Semantics


Additionally, there will be Cultural studies and Women's and Gender studies faculty as well!

Robert Staubs goes to Mitre

Congratulations to Robert Staubs, who has been hired as a Senior Data Scientist by Mitre Corporation.

Pater on the road

Joe Pater presented "Learning in Typological Prediction: Grammatical Agent-Based Modeling” (joint work with Jennifer Culbertson, Coral Hughto and Robert Staubs) yesterday (March 5th) at the UNC Chapel Hill Spring Colloquium. He’ll be taking the talk on the road again Friday March 11th when he presents it in the University of Maryland Colloquium series.

Conner and Park get Dissertation Fellowships

Congratulations to Yang-Sook Park and Tracy Conner who have each been awarded a Summer 2016 Dissertation Fellowship. Congratulations!

NEST at UMass

UMass hosted the annual meeting of New England Sequencing and Timing yesterday, March 5. UMass was represented by the paper “Lexical knowledge is available, but not always used, very early,” by Amanda Rysling, John Kingston, Adrian Staub, Andrew Cohen, Jeffrey Starns and Anthony Yacovone. You can find a full schedule of events here.

Dillon, Staub, Levy and Clifton in Language

Dillon, Staub, Levy and Clifton's paper, "Which noun phrases is the verb supposed to agree with? Object agreement in American English", has been accepted for publication in Language. 

DEAFinitions at Hampshire

Hampshire College is hosting a Dear Studies Conference March 25-26. All talks are at Franklin Patterson Hall on the Hampshire College campus. Registration is obligatory, but appears to be free. You can learn more here.

Oxford Handbook of Developmental Linguistics

The Oxford Handbook of Developmental Linguistics edited by Jeff Lidz, William Snyder, and UMass faculty Joe Pater, will be appearing in May, and its cover and table of contents can now be seen on the OUP website.


The volume contains chapters by UMass faculty Gaja Jarosz and Tom Roeper (co-authored with Jill de Villiers), and alumna Anne-Michelle Tessier.