03 February 2014

First PRG meeting today!

Ivy Hauser writes:

The first meeting of PRG will take place at Amanda's apartment in Northampton on Monday (today) at 7pm.  We will spend the first half of the meeting working on planning for the semester and the second half Ivy will talk about recent work and some new ideas.  Dinner will be provided!  

de Villiers at LARC on Thursday

Magda Oiry writes:

Jill de Villiers will present work with Hristo Kyuchukov this coming Thursday in the LARC meeting - 9:30 in South College 301. The talk will be on addressing the rights of Roma children for a language assessment in their native language of Romani

Kratzer in Tel Aviv

Angelika Kratzer gives a talk entitled “Focus and Given:Two Technologies for Discourse Coherence,” at a Workshop on focus sensitive expressions at Bar Ilan University on February 4. UMass alumnus Mats Rooth also gives a talk. For the full schedule, go here.

Dillon in Compass

Brian Dillon’s paper  'Syntactic memory in the comprehension of reflexive dependencies: an overview" has been accepted for publication in Language and Linguistics Compass.

Congratulations Brian!

The Dictionary as Data

Peter Skoloski, editor at large at Merriam-Webster, will be giving a talk called "The Dictionary as Data" on campus at UMass on Tuesday, February 18, at 5:30. It's open to the public, and: "Food will be provided.” The talk is in Commonwealth Honors College Hall east. For more information, go here.

Jeff Moher at Cog Sci Brown Bag

Alexandra Jesse writes:

This is a reminder that Jeff Moher (Brown) is giving a talk this week in the Cognitive Psychology Brown Bag (Wednesday, Tobin 521B, 12-1:15). The title of the talk is "Distractor suppression in attention and action".